4 Dance Organizations for Children in the US

Dancing is very important for a child’s development and health. However, many parents don’t realize that. Some organizations are working towards promoting dancing in the community. Here are some dance organizations in the US that are encouraging kids to dance.

Kids Dance Outreach

This organization aims to impact the lives of children positively through various dance programs. These programs will inspire them, give them confidence, encourage teamwork and teach them to be persistent.

This organization offers these programs for free.The dance classes are often accompanied by live music, making the classes more enjoyable. The dance classes honor diversity and culture and make the classes accessible to all.

American Dance Movement

This organization offers various dance classes and programs to encourage children to dance. One of their programs is called The Wooden Floor. This program is meant for low-income communities.

They strive to transform lives through the power of dance. They teach the skills that are necessary for life and education through dancing.The Andrea Rizzo Foundation offers dance classes to children in hospitals, special needs classes, or medical settings.

Dancing Dreams

This organization provides dance classes for children ages 3 to 21 who have physical or mental challenges. These classes will help to improve the self-esteem and leadership skills of these children.

National Dance Institute

This organization brings the children together through dance and music. They organize dance training, workshops, dance classes for special needs children, and more. They even organize virtual classes, so children from anywhere can take part in them.

These organizations help the children to learn dancing. Through the art of dancing, they learn various life skills that will help them in future endeavors.